Pay Per Click

Like search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per click is also an e-marketing technique to increase the number of visitors on a website.  It is how much a web owner is willing to pay to increase the number of visitors on his website. When a visitor clicks on ad, the owner has to pay for each click he gets for leading to his website.  This is a very cost effective marketing technique because the increased web traffic to a website ultimately leads to the revenue generation. PPC brings faster and better results than SEO and SEM techniques. Marketers’ place their ads on Google and Google give them ranking according to the money they pay or biding. The highest bidder gets the highest ranking in SERPs.

We at SPUNKY WEBS are striving to provide you extension in your firm’s marketing department through our best online marketing services. We provide the visibility of your website to the visitors through the keyword searches. However it is not a simple process. There are many variables affecting the success of PPC services but the 1st step is keyword selection. As a business firm, for the success of your online marketing, you should fix a part of your budget for PPC. After keyword selection and budget estimation, an advert is created and placed on the Search engine according to the money paid by the marketer.

SPUNKY WEBS are bound for your online success, by utilizing our expert skills and blending it with latest technology; we provide you targeted advertising services without compromising on quality. We stay in touch with our clients from keyword selection to all steps involved for creating a successful PPC campaign.

For us, the 1st priority is customer satisfaction and trust. Call us at (607) 241-2399 or email us at for more info or to acquire our PPC services.