Press Release & News Distribution Services

A press release or news submission is an essential tool for overall marketing of your business which can help it reach on web across search engines, blogs and websites. A modern press release strategy of any company helps its product to sell online effectively.

These days, all businesses are getting engaged in this tool to achieve their market share in order to provide all the desired information to their potential customers.

Designing news into a well crafted release helps to attract new businesses and engage and retain potential customers. For a last few years, modern PR practices have been evolving because it targets the potential customers directly in a matter of minutes. In this way, press release and news submission services play an important role in success of your business.

In contrast to old fashioned press releases, online press release has become an excellent tool for online selling. And above all, this method has become a cost effective channel for company of any size since it doesn’t require a huge amount of investment.

SPUNKY WEBS provides you the opportunity to capture and retain your market share through its Press release and news submission services.

With our modern PR strategies, we provide your company with a result based e-marketing on some of the large news distribution services to allow you attract the potential customers with your success stories or free trial offers. We provide you free PR submission services as well as paid services to let you choose the effective services for your business.

The services offer your business press release distribution; media contact management, online news room hosting and related tools and services. This process involves checking your press release by professional editors who then push it to huge press release distribution networks.

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